UPDATE: Hottest Heat Wave Since 2009 Arriving

UPDATE: Hottest Heat Wave Since 2009 Arriving

UPDATED AT 9:45pm Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 –

Hazy conditions are have a little bit of an impact on projected temperatures…While the forecast are still going for around 98-100º for Seattle, I am going to go a little bit more conservative on that…

New Forecast on WED are expected to be right around 93º, while THU around 98º and FRI around 97º…The hazy conditions from the wildfire will not go away until late this weekend until the wind shifts onshore and we start to cool down a bit…For now, stay COOL!!


For the first time in about 8 years, Seattle will be flirting with triple digit heat while several other hot spots will be well into the 100s!

A thermal trough is setting up shop and it’s bringing a lot of hotter air into our region. High pressure that was just about over us are moving towards the State of Idaho and with it comes offshore winds and with the thermal trough, we’re going to heat up to near record (in some areas, all-time heat record territory). An Excessive Heat Warning will go into effect Tuesday afternoon and lasting through Friday Night…

Seattle and others near Puget Sound, lakes and waters will be into the upper 80s to low 90s tomorrow with many other spots low-mid 90s.

Wednesday we’ll notch it up a little with temperatures now into the lower-mid 90s and others around 95-100º

Thursday looks to be the hottest day of the bunch with Seattle starting to flirt with 100º…As of now, we are going with 99º for Seattle. East Side, Southwest interior, and other usual hot spots will be well into the 100s with temperatures ranging from around 101-108º…

Records are likely going to be broken on a few days this week!

Don’t even get me started for Portland and Western OR…Temperatures there are going to be well into the 100s for quite a few days…My colleague will have more on that over at his blog at Charlie’s Weather. Friday looks to be slightly cooler if not about the same as Thursday…Computer models were originally going for twin 100º day for Seattle for the first time ever but had since notched it down…Now forecasting temperatures around 94-99º for both days…

So, could we reach 100º in Seattle? YES! It is a real possibility that either Thursday or Friday, Seattle might reach 100º but as of now, we are going for 98-99º because models tend to overdo the temperatures a bit… By the weekend, we’ll start to cool down into the mid-upper 80s and low 90s, which will be very comfortable after what we will go through late this week.

Remember to practice heat and fire safety advice as we head into this major heat wave!!

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Enjoy the heat and stay COOL!!

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